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Before raising a toast to the opportunities of the new year, let's explore the key trends anticipated by experts 🥂

VentureBeat conducted a survey with leading venture capitalists in the AI startup realm to unveil the upcoming trends and the result was juicy 🍍: uncertainty, open source and GPU shortage.

Also, recent research indicates increased job satisfaction among remote workers, signaling that global mobility will play a more prominent role in 2024 ✈️

It seems the year of the dragon won't be lacking excitement 🐉 Here's to a fantastic start to 2024, and we look forward to keeping you updated on the dynamic startup world in the coming year! 🚀 

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Six bullets of updates

  1. 🎱 Investor predictions for 2024: a divided venture landscape, possible return of exits, and a cooling AI sector.

  2. 💸 Watch your wallets! AI's hidden costs could bankrupt innovation due to its reliance on pricy cloud storage, potentially leading to AI-cloud bankruptcies in 2024.

  3. 🦘 Australia's startup scene is maturing with a boom in early-stage funding and a growing ecosystem backed by government support.

  4. 🦄 Despite a slower start to 2023, Central Eastern Europe (CEE) startups show promising growth with six soon-to-be unicorns, including Poland's Cosmose at a $500M valuation.

  5. 🏡 BotBuilt is disrupting the construction industry, offering a robotic framing system that could accelerate homebuilding and cut costs.

  6. 📈 Despite Meta's hefty losses, experts predict the metaverse economy could grow to $400 billion by 2030, redefining workplaces and training methods.

AI in 2024: A Kaleidoscope of Predictions and Possibilities

Source: Malcolm Lightbody/Unsplash

This year, uncertainties surrounded generative AI startups without substantial funding 🤑, prompting venture capitalists to shift focus to biotech, genome research, climate applications, and industrial AI. Examples included AI's impact on healthcare treatments, climate defense against wildfires, and innovative uses in fertility and psychedelics. The industry's maturation emphasized AI's potential to address real-world challenges.

In 2024, a significant theme is the convergence of data modalities into multimodal models, reshaping AI capabilities across industries like manufacturing and healthcare 💡

The democratization of AI through open source is predicted to gain momentum, with major tech companies contributing to more releases. These trends collectively point to 2024 as a pivotal year defining the trajectory of AI and its applications ⏩ See more trends!

Startup Events and Deadlines

  1. Financial Modeling Course | January 22, 2024 | Online

  2. Pitch Deck Design | February 13, 2024 | Online

  3. World Summit AI Americas | April 24, 2024, Montreal

  4. TechCrunch Early Stage | April 25, 2024 | Boston

Takeaways from this week’s podcasts

Michael Lit, co-founder, and CEO of Vidyard, emphasizes the crucial role of outbound sales in a startup's early stages.

According to him, the primary challenge during the transition from zero to actual sales lies in the demanding nature of outbound sales and the emotional strain of consistently sending personalized messages with limited initial returns. Michael underscores that persistence in this aspect sets successful businesses apart from others. He suggests celebrating every small victory along the journey to sustain motivation.

He also highlights the potential of leveraging tools like AI to eventually automate and scale these efforts.

John Lee Dumas on ‘Entrepreneurs on Fire’.
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2024: The Year of Global Mobility Overhaul

Source: Kyle Glenn/ Unsplash

In 2024, Hanna Asmussen of Localyze underscores the key role of compliance in global mobility for talent retention. The surge in flexible working interest from 2023 continues, with 51% of companies in the UK, Germany, and the Netherlands viewing global mobility initiatives as talent enhancers.

Anticipating impactful legislative changes, 2024 poses challenges for businesses facing talent shortages. Short-term mobility emerges as a cost-effective solution, challenging traditional notions and expanding with unique compliance requirements. Hanna envisions the rise of global mobility as a dedicated function in 2024.

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