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Six bullets of updates

  1. 🇺🇸 The U.S.'s most popular news app published 40+ inaccurate AI-generated stories, causing real-world issues.

  2. 🏛️ Google's new startup program offers hands-on AI training to improve public infrastructure and services.

  3. 🚗 Zoox, Amazon's self-driving unit, expands testing to Austin and Miami, adding two new cities for summer trials.

  4. ☁️ Cloud native platforms are key for enterprises, but 61% struggle with custom-built solutions and MVPs.

  5. 📈 Stacklet sees demand soar as businesses prioritize cloud cost control, boosting usage by 30% in 2023.

  6. 👗 True Fit launches AI-powered Fit Hub, allowing shoppers to create, share, and purchase personalized outfits.


Banking giants and fintech titans unite to crush fraud

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In a notable alliance, Capital One has partnered with fintech heavyweights Stripe and Adyen to bolster fraud prevention. This collaboration underscores a growing trend where traditional financial institutions join forces with fintech disruptors to leverage advanced technologies and data analytics for enhanced security.

The collaboration has already resulted in significant revenue recovery for businesses, showcasing the potential of combining fintech innovations with established financial institutions to combat fraud effectively. It also highlights the increasing importance of strategic partnerships in addressing industry-wide challenges.


Startup Events and Deadline

  1. South Summit: Madrid | June 5-7 | Summit

  2. Crash Course in Financial Modeling | June 12 | Webinar

  3. Financial Modeling Bootcamp | June 17 | Live 1 week Bootcamp

  4. How to close a Funding Round (it’s not just the pitch deck) | July 2 | Webinar



These companies just raised money

  1. 🏥 Sword Health raises $130M, hits $3B valuation with its AI-powered physical therapy platform.

  2. 📚 Storyblok lands $80M to enhance its headless CMS with AI, making it more accessible for non-tech users.

  3. ❤️ Eko Health lands $41M to enhance early detection of heart disease using advanced AI technology.

  4. 🎥 GetWhy raises $34.5M for its AI platform that extracts insights from video interviews, aiming to revolutionize market research.

  5. 🖥️ Tobiko secures $21.8M to revolutionize data platforms with a dbt-compatible transformation solution.

  6. 🌐 SiFi just raised $10M in seed funding to accelerate its AI-driven tech for fiber optic networks.


Asana just took a leap into the future

Asana has introduced "AI teammates" designed to work alongside human employees, integrating advanced AI into their collaborative platform. These AI teammates utilize Asana's Work Graph to assist with tasks such as generating status updates, summarizing information, and suggesting next steps. This innovation aims to enhance productivity by allowing AI to handle routine tasks while humans focus on strategic and creative work. Asana's approach emphasizes seamless human-AI collaboration, aiming to make work more efficient and fulfilling.

The stakes are high: startups could see massive productivity boosts, while employees might need to upskill to stay relevant. Asana's move reflects a growing trend where AI isn't just a tool but a team member. This innovation could redefine workplace dynamics, empowering startups to scale more efficiently.


Slidebean Revenue Data

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