Are Your Decks Bot-Friendly?

And what about a part-time chief?

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On this edition, we're diving into the quirky world of pitch decks, where even AI has its preferences spoiler alert: it's not a fan of image-only texts! Plus, we'll uncover the superhero magic of part-time leaders swooping in during corporate crises.

What about a part-time chief?

Running low on cash but high on aspirations? European startups are unleashing their secret weapon: the gig economy for C-suite roles. Enter the era of 'fractional C-suite hires' these part-time execs bring their A-game, drop some wisdom bombs, and then gracefully exit like startup superheroes on a mission. According to fintech matchmaker Oakstone, the trend is hotter than a jalape簽o in a salsa contest, with a whopping 25% surge recently.

Why settle for a full-time executive when you can have a part-time wizard? These fractional maestros not only save you a bundle but also toss in a fresh perspective that's free from office drama. Picture them as the cool, straight-shooting friends who give you the real talk your startup needs. And hey, when unexpected departures leave your ship rudderless, these part-time captains are ready to steer until you find your permanent superhero. So, the next time you consider expanding your squad, consider adding a part-time hero because even Batman worked in shifts.

In fewer words: Part-time leaders bring knowledge and fresh perspectives and step in seamlessly during unexpected departures, offering a superhero solution for businesses on a budget.

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Title: Dedicated to Helping Serious and Committed Entrepreneurs, with Jay Rodgers
Listening time: 30 min.
Release date: Nov 27th

In the latest episode of Entrepreneurs on Fire with John Lee Dumas, guest Jay Rogers emphasized key insights for entrepreneurs to thrive
We heard it and we learnt that

1. The only true failure for an entrepreneur is to quit trying. Setbacks should be viewed as steps forward on the path to success.

2. Entrepreneurs often possess innate qualities rather than solely learning them.

3. Successful entrepreneurs tend to have a strong vision and high risk tolerance. Detail orientation may be lower, suggesting the importance of surrounding themselves with those who can compensate in that area.

4. Leveraging the word "no" as a starting point in negotiations can lead to opportunity. Continuous follow-up and reframing rejection as a chance to understand objections can lead to eventual success.

5. Selling a product shouldn't always be about addressing needs, but also appealing to the customer's desires. Even if a customer claims not to "need" something, tapping into their emotional drivers could work.

Conclusion: A combination of the right mindset, emotional intelligence in sales, determined execution, and strategic negotiation are key to entrepreneurial success.

John Lee Dumas - Entrepreneurs on Fire

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綽 Uncover, a B2B SaaS platform that simplifies media investment for advertisers, has secured $7.5 million in a seed funding round. The platform specializes in automating marketing data integration.

Founded in 2015 by CEO Marcus Cobb and SVP of Growth Rachel Knepp, Mozaicsecured $20 million in a Series A funding round led by Volition Capital, bringing its total funding to over $27 million. 滕

綽 Cradle, a successful biotech and AI startup, adopts a generative method for protein design, attracting major clients and securing a substantial $24 million in fresh investment. The funds will be deployed to expand the team and bolster sales efforts as the company thrives. 滕滕

綽 PhysicsX unveils a $32 million funding boost as it emerges from stealth, showcasing its AI prowess in driving engineering simulations with a dedicated emphasis on constructing and managing physical systems. 滕滕滕

綽 RepeatMD plans to utilize the $56 million funding to expand its network of partners, enhance its platform, and increase its employee count from around 130 to over 150 by year-end. 滕滕滕滕

AI Pitch Critics: Are Your Decks Bot-Friendly?

Kirillm / Getty Images

In the wild world of AI, even your startup pitch deck wants a piece of the digital spotlight! Picture this: a nifty AI tool takes the stage, reviewing pitch decks with feedback as brutally honest as your grandma after a few glasses of truth serum. But here's the twist.

When a brave soul presented a deck adorned with more images than a cat meme compilation, the bot threw a digital tantrum. It turns out bots aren't art connoisseurs. Lesson learned? As we dance with AI, make sure your deck can pass the bot's pop quiz. It's not just humans you're trying to woo.

In fewer words: Watch your design choices to ensure your pitch deck is bot-accessible! An AI bot gives feedback on pitch decks but struggles with text turned into images. So, remember, if you want help from AI, let the bot help you, including more text and titles.

Rushin Roulette

Six bullets of updates
  1. Tech startups aspiring to assemble dream teams and spice up their North American game are setting their sights on Alberta, Canada, where the real tech magic happens!

  2. Stability AI is entering the wild world of video generation with its new creation, the Stable Video Diffusion models!

  3. Singapore-based fast fashion juggernaut Shein, has covertly set its sights on a U.S. initial public offer. #SheinSecrets

  4. A 25-year-old millionaire genius confesses his epic fail in the finance game: "Regret buying a Rolls Royce. It serves no purpose!"

  5. Is Ireland brewing up a unicorn parade? After three startups popped the billion-dollar champagne in 2022, who's next in line for the mythical horned squad?

  6. Headline's AI is the Sherlock Holmes of investments! 蛛儭 With their nifty Deepdive tool, these VCs are on a mission to measure product-market fit and make financial decisions.

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