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In a bold move to empower small businesses in government contracting GovDash brings an AI-driven solution for startups looking to win that contract! 🏛️

Also, while you might not be using dating apps, there's one you won't want to miss. This innovative platform matches investors and entrepreneurs based on their preferences 💘

In other news, Microsoft continues to make waves with a significant investment, while space startups receive exciting updates from NASA 🧑‍🚀. Explore the latest deals and developments across various industries to stay informed! 👇🏼

Six bullets of updates

  1. 🇺🇸 - 🇨🇳Microsoft's $1.5B investment in UAE's G42 highlights Gulf's tech role in US-China rivalry. It goes beyond business and signals strategic shifts amid geopolitics.

  2. 🧑🏽‍🚀 NASA's $11B Mars mission overhaul could be a historic windfall for space startups, redirecting funds to private industry.

  3. 🍏 Despite legal battles with Apple in 2022, Rivos is working on its chipset tech. CEO Puneet Kumar shares plans to bring innovation.

  4. 🚀 From space probes to green energy: Found Energy turns spacecraft's aluminum parts into power sources, raking in an oversubscribed $12M seed round.

  5. 🌪️ Despite a tough macroeconomic environment, SOSV closes a whopping $306M deep tech fund, primarily focusing on climate tech.

  6. 🛒 Fy!, backed by Hoxton Ventures, acquires boutique marketplace Trouva, eyeing profitability and further M&A activity.

AI comes in for Government contracts’ nightmare

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In a bold move to empower small businesses in government contracting, startup visionaries Tim Goltser, Curtis Mason, and Sean Doherty introduced GovDash. Supported by Y Combinator and recently fueled by a $10 million Series A funding round, GovDash employs cutting-edge AI to simplify the labyrinthine process of discovering and bidding for pertinent contracts.

One of its main differentiators is that GovDash implements rigorous cross-checks and human oversight to minimize errors in proposal generation. At the same time, the initiative distinguishes itself by providing end-to-end workflow support for government contract capture, development, and management.

 🔮 Looking ahead, GovDash's emergence reflects a broader trend of AI-driven process automation, signaling significant industry transformation. Read more about this.

Startup Events and Deadlines

  1. Monthly Startup, Tech & Business Networking San Francisco | Meetup | April 24 | San Francisco

  2. Startups & Investors Networking SF | Meetup | April 24 | San Francisco

  3. Tech Crunch Early Stage | Conference | April 25 | Boston   

  4. Find a co-founder for your Tech Startup! | Meetup | April 26 | NY

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These companies just raised money

  1. 🎮☄️ Space tech startup ICEYE raises $100M in growth funding, bolstering its radar satellite services and pushing its total raise to a hefty $438M.

  2. 🛋️ Therapy startup Two Chairs bags a $72M Series C to grow its virtual therapist network after an 8-fold increase in revenue over 3 years.

  3. 💻 Despite a shift away from consumer tech, Maven Ventures raised $60M for a fourth fund, confident there's still potential.

  4. 🥗 Dutch lab-grown meat startup Mosa Meat, secures another $42M in funding amid global interest in climate-friendly food options. 

  5. 🇨🇱 Chilean fintech Toku bags $9.3M in its Series A, hitting nearly $20M in total funding to fuel expansion in the LatAm market.

  6. 👠 The Folklore, a B2B marketplace for fashion brands, rakes in $3.4M seed funding to expand services and boost diverse creators.

Meet Cherub: A matchmaker for angel investing 

Founders Jaclyn Johnson and Angeline Vuong have launched Cherub, a platform revolutionizing angel investing by simplifying connections between investors and startups. Like a dating app, Cherub matches investors and entrepreneurs based on their preferences.

Investors set their interests, and Cherub presents a matching deal flow. Startups can also see who's interested in them and connect based on their needs. It offers free access for investors, while startups pay through a membership model, ranging from $480 to $950 per year, unlocking features like analytics and increased exposure.

Already showing promise, Cherub boasts 100 revenue-generating startups and a waitlist of 1,500. Unlike competitors like AngelList, Cherub embraces diverse industries, from CPG to AI and hospitality. Learn more about it.

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